Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I like Forever 21..

I remember the very first thing I bought from Fovever 21. It was this blue sleeveless top with a plaid like design in some polyester blend material that I bought to wear for my 7th grade birthday at the movies [Time stoppers, or stop watchers or something of the sort]

And while I frankly will not be pulling it out of the closet anytime soon w/o something much cuter layered on top, I must say that I have found some very chic things in the sales rack of F21.

And yes, F21 is cheap, but seriously, I guess that means I am as cheap as they get, because 85% of what I buy from there is on the sales rack..

In my trip yesterday some notable things I found were a yellow laced back cardigan

and a powder blue little house on the prairie-esque dress [For the record, I would like to note my obsession w/ Laura Ingalls novels in the 4th grade]

They combine subtle details and interesting twists on conventional design. And to boot, they were about $15 each which is essentially a steal compared to the other things in the store for that price.

Seeing things like these really get me excited about fashion again. They renew my dreams on being a boutique owner and designer. Simplicity and subtlety are highly overlooked and under appreciated adjectives in the fashion industry. One of these days I would like to bring that sense of simple and beautiful back.

Until then, I'll still be perusing the clothes rack to find little treasures like these.


  1. Clockstoppers? The one with the super cool watch?

  2. Is that what it's called? The one with the guy from Bring it on and yes there was a super cool watch involved.