Friday, October 23, 2009

2 Great Things About Having a Job

1. Paycheck$$$

2. Meeting friendly co-workers :]

In return for taking her shift so she could go trick or treat with her son she gave me a baggie of samples!! [BTW, she also shadows as a make up artist at the Shiseido counter]

How did she know I am such a little make up sample ho?

Total list of the GOODS
Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion
Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener Lotion
Shiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam
Clinique Different Lipstick in Spiced Apple
Shiseido Perfect Mascara
Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick Rouge in SL13 [Reminds of MAC Viva Glam V]
Orgins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream
Clinique October GWP Palette
True Religion Eau de Parfum
Shiseido Perfect Rouge in BE208
Harajuku Lovers Eau de Toilette

Lipstick Swatches
Palette Swatches

Neat-o, eh?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fake Orgasm

I love NARS.Ever since I saw on the Sephora website that they had a blush named 'Orgasm' I knew that me and NARS would play very well together.

But lo and behold, I am a broke@ss trick with no dough for feed the makeup ho within.

Then one day, Lollipop26 on YT [classiest mu guru EVER] mentions how she loves Milani's Mineral blush in Luminous referring to it as the NARS Orgasm dupe. Naturally I hopped into my car and speeded to the my CVS to get my hands on one. But alas, I was met with failure until a very random trip to Target with a friend led to the wondrous discovery.

I literally hid it in the other blushes and drove back to get it after my friend and I parted ways.

Excited, I hopped into my car, peeled open that thick difficult plastic wrapping and stick my needy little finger in to swatch it. BUT, I didn't see anything.

"where's the blush color?"

Eventually I found a way to use it but frankly smooshing my brush into the pan several times to get good color payoff and then having way too much gold frost on
my cheeks never quite tickled my fancy. Off to the back of the make up drawer it went.

Then a few weeks ago I got the legit business that is NARS Orgasm [Laguna duo :P, better deal right?] And tell you the truth, it rocks my socks just the way I thought.

"yeah baby!"

But on the real, they actually come out quite different from each other from the get go.

Orgasm on the right is a dark peach pink with subtle gold shimmer and dust sparkling through it while Luminous [on the left] is a lighter peach with light gold frost all throughout. Like they say about eyebrows, these blushes are more like sisters than twins, maybe even cousins...

In conclusion I would rather have a cheek orgasm than luminous cheeks any given day. But to give Milani some credit, I think it would work out better if you have a lighter skin tone and want the frosty highighted cheeks. As for me, I'd prefer more pigment, less frost any given day [2nd time = emphasis]

Yep, I'm a little blush crazy... *sigh

The Avon Lipstick Army

L-R: Poppy Love, Red 2000, Sheer Peach, Sheer Naturale

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks are quite good. They come in a range of satins, metallics, shimmers, and sheers. In my collection I have 2 satins and 2 sheers.

L-R: Sheer Naturale, Sheer Peach, Red 2000, Poppy Love

They all have a creamy consistency and mild scent. My sheers smell like slightly like vanilla while my satins smell slightly fruity. Best of all, they apply smoothly and evenly. So essentially they are solid legit lipsticks. Woot!

In the swatches above the sheers were swiped 2-3 times while the satins swiped once.

At full price they are 6.50 a pop but you can normally find them on sales BOGO 50% or something like that.

Grade: :]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One day

I would love to take sickASS pictures in black and white...

Can you believe this is Cameron Diaz?

Best opening EVER

This is why I love magazines...on the internet

Because they can show you wierdass pictures and links to some more strange things

Case in point

A sweater with penises by Agent Provocateur

But wait, there's more!

who buys this ****?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Ode to Gucci Eau de Parfum II

You know when you have those days that you just can't seem to lift your spirits out of the funk?

Today I had that horrible feeling. I stayed in bed until 11:30 and practically zombied my way through the day, eating, watching hulu and doing the laundry.

Finally, at 3:45 it was time to head out the door for school. Normally driving does not make me feel better or at ease. Normally it makes me feel the opposite [I was heading into 405 rush hour traffic] But strangely I felt somewhat at peace. I took a deep breath and the cloudiness that 'funky days' veil you with had been lifted. I took a deep breath and smelled the Gucci Eau de Parfum on my skin. And I felt lovely.

Isn't funny how little things like beautiful familiar scents can have the power to turn your day around?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where did all the money go?

After having 2 conversations with Brently and my sister I have come to the startling conclusion [AGAIN] that I am absolute crap at saving money.

This summer I worked 40 damn hour weeks in which I made around or over $300 a week for about 2 1/2 months. [OH GAWD, I can't believe I worked at a call center for that long....]

So basically that equals LOTS OF CA$HMONEY, right?


I am pretty damn sure I spent about every single little dime, nickel, penny of that hell. Because who am I, but a walking talking personification of retail therapy. *sigh

So this last week I was --this close to saving money BUT then there was the preceeding post.. and I am sure you know how that goes.

So I ask this, How the %$#* do I save my money?

Please help the helpless and leave a suggestion below :]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shopping SUCESS

4 Things that make today so damn great

1) Got a call that work shortened my shift
2) Got a call that I could just take the night off
3) H&M grand opening [and my special GWP]
4) Found 2 things at TJMaxx I was in actual NEED of

Moisturizer and sunglasses case CHECK
F21 Boots for $25 BONUS
H&M Blouse for $5 BONUS
H&M mini zip pouch EXTRA BONUS

*sigh, Great day indeed :]