Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cheap Thrills

I've never really been an "accessories" type of gal.

But I've always loved statement necklaces. Bold, glittery, uncomfortable, loud, chunky, fantastic.
And I must say Fovever 21 has seriously been stepping up their game in the jewelry department. I frankly don't care that these will turn my neck green someday.

INGLOTS, seriously.

8 eyeshadows for $35. Can you say amazing?

On a Shampoo Rampage

Shampoos to Review...

Joico K Pak

Matrix Biolage Smootherapie

Matrix Biolage Hydrotherapie

Suave Naturals Almond & Shea Butter

Saturday, April 24, 2010

You need this: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This is really one of the best concealers for the price. But then again, that is what MAC is known for: really great quality for a reasonable price.

MAC's Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 is a great concealer for scarring and acne. It has a thick and creamy consistency that provides complete coverage. It's easy to blend and does not come off cakey.

Don't let the size fool you
It comes in the same packaging as MAC eyeshadow pots providing you with 7 grams/0.24 oz of product. The small size however makes it very convenient to travel with and the pigmentation makes it last many months of application.

The best part about this concealer is the range of colors it comes in. [I wear NC35] From light to dark and cool to warm, there are many shades to cater to your own individual skin tone. I have oily skin and I'd say it lasts about 4 hours on me and longer if I set with powder or layer on foundation.

Available at MAC for $16.50

MUFE Full Coverage Concealer is another concealer I really recommend but for $30 and a smaller color range, it's definitely more of a splurge. Overall, MAC SFC is one of my basic MAC must haves that I will keep repurchasing time and time again.

NARS for my birthday

Best birthday [makeup] present everrr!

NARS Nail Polish in Purple Rain

I don't really like wearing cool toned or dark polishes. I prefer corals and pinks BUT
1. it's NARS
2. It's very pretty
3. I didn't pay, it was a present!

The color is very metallic and rich with small red shimmer. It's almost opaque in 1 coat. 2 coats it's perfect. It has a very workable thick consistency that makes application very smooth.

Available at Sephora or NARS.com for $16

NARS Cream Blush in Cactus Flower

I really love cream blushes. I am quite in love with NARS blushes. Put the two together and you get NARS blush in Cactus Flower. I would describe the color as a cross between raspberry red and coral red with gold shimmer. The shimmer is subtle on the skin but like all cream blushes gives a very natural dewy flush. Even though I have oily skin I'd say it lasts at least 4 hours on me.

Available at Sephora or NARS.com for $26

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Earthquakes are Awkward

I always feel more awkward than I do terrified after an earthquake shakes up my town.

It could be because I have yet to experience a really horrible chairs-fall-on-ground-tvs-crash-onto floor type of earthquake *knocks on wood. I am not very sure how I would handle myself in that situation. Very poorly, I'd assume.

I remember when I had my temp job over the summer, there was a mild earthquake and the next day during the highly anticipated 'smoke break' everyone was talking about it. I had told my co worker that I immediately ran to my door way and stood there holding on making sure the door didn't slap me in the face. I went on about how I didn't even think twice before I leapt to the safety of the door and how in school, I felt like an expert being able to quickly get under my desk [b/c I'm so small] and manage to cover my spine and face while getting into a comfortable yet effective vital organ and precious face preserving position.

She then proceeded to tell me how that method is a complete sham and you're honest best bet is to run outside away from trees and powerlines.

So it got me thinking. If there was a terrible earthquake [or any circumstance that would require me to run the fack! outta my house] what that fack! would I bring with me?

I've always wanted to pack my own emergency duffle for you know..like emergencies, but I've never got around to it NOR would I have any clue where to place it in my already overcrowded room.

Obviously, I'd run out with the important if you live in America kinda stuff:
SS Card
Car Keys
Health Insurance Card [If not already in your wallet]
Your piggie bank

But being the highly emotional but seemingly rational person I am, after stuffing all the above in my closest expensive handbag I'd also try and manage to stuff my pockets, bra, mouth, armpits or possible wrap in a blanket....[and so on] all this beloved crap


This shit is my expensive habit. All the other stuff: MAC, Stila, Drugstore, Clinique could crack on the floor, get burned to hell, or flood the fack! up for I care. NARS is like my make-up drug. No addict is leaving their home without their stash.

ALL my facking! $300+ HANDBAGS!!!!

I would literally take each one, stacked around my shoulders and neck and run outta the house like a mad fool. Albeit, I didn't pay $300 for any of them [good deals hollah]. There's true value in my babies. True value.

journal by rufflesandpoof on Polyvore.com

But on a more serious note..

Lastly, the other thing I couldn't possibly leave without are all my journals and notebooks. I'm a nerd. But I love writing. About anything. I'm the kind of person who carries a small notebook everywhere containing odds and ends of the most insightful or most random things you'll ever read. If everything else I bring is my pride and vanity then I obviously can't forget my soul either.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Janelle's 21st Bday

Theme: The Viray Social Club circa 1930s Stockton

With the birthday girl [sexy thang in red flapper uniform]

in the birthday girl's HUGE ASS vanity mirror

Me, trying to look cool in front of the HUGE ASS window [that I could jump out of]

Again, trying to be gangsta gangsta with my friend Tri

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NC35
Laura Mericer Oil Free Foundation in Golden Beige
MAC Blanc Type
MAC Texture
MAC #42 Lashes
Avon Ultra Color Rick Lipstick in Red 2000
NARS Crazed