Sunday, July 26, 2009

A light head can be a good thing

I think this is the first time I got a hair cut and I instantly felt like 'wow, my head feels a lot lighter.' Funny thing, because this is NOT the shortest I've ever cut my hair.
Look at it? It's so flat. It's hard to believe my hair is able to look normal. Now for the dreaded after hair cut and styling shower....

Because frankly I am too lazy to blow dry, paddle brush, and flat iron the bejeebas out of my hair as seen in the picture, as done by my hairdresser *sigh*

I look pretty happy in this picture too. Happy hair = Happy Face XP


So last weekend Brently and me went to Sephora in Lakewood JCP to get a free makeover from Cargo's promo event. I didn't have a camera so no pics of the before/ after and in between. But I think the highlight was having the MA tell me I was the funnest of the day.

On the EYES:

Cargo Tahiti Palette
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara in purple

This was taken when I got home before heading to Mikko's party.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Look what I found at 98 cents Marukai!!

Nope, it wasn't 98 cents. But neither are a lot of things there.

It's really "$1.69 Marukai & various items $20+" But I guess that's too long to fit on a sign.

I will now be able to put on my makeup without constantly ruffling through bags and picking up what I knock over on my dresser. Now all I need a brush holder contraption..

Some other interesting things I purchased:

1. The Mascara Guard
I have yet to see if this works, but for under $2 I must admit it's a funny little thing to have

2. Eyelashes!!!

I think I will come back to purchase these again. Wouldn't they look hot w/ some teeny tiny rhinestones on the ends?

Why HELLO kitty

This is why I like to walk around the Mistuwa grocery section

So what kind of pasta sauce is good enough for hello kitty pasta..??

Meet James, Sam's new boyfriend...uhh lipgloss

As you can tell, they are quite happy together :P


Thanks to the creative minds at Urban Decay we can now all carry lipgloss that
(1) smells like creme brule,
(2) comes in shimmery duochromatic glossy colors,
(4) has a creamy and lasting consistency
(3) AND most importantly has a cute little naked man to stare at before and after gloss application. GENIUS <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 240px; height: 320px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5357249311105972082" border="0">

Long Beach Aquarium

Can you believe how big that fish is? Whenever I think about fish, I think about eating them. When I see this fish I suddenly feel VERY full. Full like after a chinese fusion buffet..a.k.a full like you're about to get heartburn X]

Touching marine life is fun.
EXCEPT when you are trying to take a cute picture and then a whole bunch of rays and fishes swim right through your hand..

Hooray for fish adventures! and Brently's doctor for giving us 2 free tickets :]

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rimmel Sexy sexy afterall?

The Toots
-Khol Black
-up to 70% curlier lashes
-16 hour hold
-for "volumptuous volume" [ahah]

The Grade: B

It's alright..

I dislike plastic bristles because I find myself constantly poking myself in the eye. Moreso I feel like the design is unnecessary. Although it's not some big fatty mess [MAC Plushlash anyone?] that's practically the size of my small eyes it doesn't quite get into the lashes as well as I thought it would. Something more tapered and thin like Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara wand seems to be better for those 'lash challenged' individuals like myself.

At the core, it's a rich black mascara that does holds some curl adding some volume and length but ultimately not the 'volumptuous-ness' I was expecting. L'oreal Voluminous is still the best drugstore volume mascara even though it can make me look like a worn down hooker w/ raccoon eyes by the end of the day [NOT good]

Fav Mascara wand design still goes to my Lancome Courbe Virtuouse, which I *actually wash and reuse.

SUMO love for MAC

It's things like this that keep me in that cubicle M-F from 8:30 to 5...

MAC Family and Friends Sale a.k.a 25% off [Hot DAMN]

Brushes <3
168-Angled blush brush
188-Duo fibre brush
219-Pencil brush

Eyeshadows <3
Crystal Avalanche

So who wants me to do their makeup? Any takers?


So I've officially come to the conclusion [but really I've felt this for a while] that working full time KILLS.

And not the way that Louboutins would KILL but I mean my spirits have been repeated KILLED. [overdramatic much eh?]

And today is an observed holiday and I feel FANfuckingTASTIC <3

List of things to do/done
1. Stay up late [kinda] on a Thursday CHECK
2. Watch Public Enemies for only $8 w/ the guys CHECK
3. Deliver my Avon stuffs b/c I am my own little business woman CHECK
4. Sleep in CHECK
5. Eat some sushi [b/c frankly taking leftovers from dinner to work everyday is getting quite old]
6. Go to the bank to deposit the CA$HMONEY
7. Go shopping <3
8. Long Beach Aquarium for 'Friday Late Night'
9. Play w/ some fireworks
10. Have some FUN FUN FUN