Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cleansing with Oil?


Cleansing Oil is the best. I decided to try this one out after seeing ChefCaffy on YT purchase it for her trip. I've always hated how difficult it can be to take off ALL my eye makeup easily and completely. I <3 my Lancome Bi-facil BUT it's $28 for 4.2 oz while this is $15 for 5.2 oz AND it removes all my face makeup as well.

No matter how much make up I am wearing this takes everything ALL* off. [*EDIT* sans remaining make up on my water line which I'll use cotton and Bi-facil for b/c I am too squeamish to touch my waterline with my oily finger] I just pump it once or twice into my hands, rub them together, and then rub the oil all over my face and eyes gently. Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, gel eye liner, and EVEN MASCARA dissolve in seconds. Then i just wet my hands and let the oil turn into milk as I rinse all the oil and makeup off. Then, VOILA!

Clean face.

Biore Perfect Cleansing Oil $15

Grade- :]+

I found this goodie at Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace. There's 2 more from their beauty ailse I want to try out: the Fancl Mild Cleanising Oil and the Softymo Cleansing Oil. More reviews to come!

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