Saturday, August 29, 2009


Very Casual for a hot day of not really doing anything at all...

Striped Shirt-F21
White high waisted denim shorts [folded down]- Against All Odds
Yellow bag- Charlotte Russe

Philosophy: Cleanliness Made Simple

Another cleanser I have tried and am impressed with is Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. Again this is more of an oil based cleanser but with more of a cream/oil hybrid texture and look.

This is the bow down HG for a lot of people. But not for me.

pH balanced formula
Infused with sage, chamomile and carrot
Dissolves dirt and makeup while cleansing deep into pores

First off, it feels better than a cleansing oil. Cleansing oil feels like...oil.

So when I cleanse my face I feel like a greaseball which is something I've gotten used to but when you first start, it kinda turns you off. Purity however feels as emolient as a cleansing oil but also very creamy and rich.

For removing foundation, blush, and eyeshadow it's great. It's gentle and gets the job done. BUT for gel eyeliner or mascara I feel like you have to work harder. I need to keep rubbing gently but for a longer couple of minutes. And if I don't rub well enough, I find I get leftover eyeliner or mascara.

Second, it smells good and is moisturizing. It doesn't make my face feel dry or tight AND it has this lemony cake smell like my Nivea Kiss of Moisture chapstick. [which i <3]

Philosphy Purity Made Simple $10 for 3 oz

Grade :]

Cleansing with Oil?


Cleansing Oil is the best. I decided to try this one out after seeing ChefCaffy on YT purchase it for her trip. I've always hated how difficult it can be to take off ALL my eye makeup easily and completely. I <3 my Lancome Bi-facil BUT it's $28 for 4.2 oz while this is $15 for 5.2 oz AND it removes all my face makeup as well.

No matter how much make up I am wearing this takes everything ALL* off. [*EDIT* sans remaining make up on my water line which I'll use cotton and Bi-facil for b/c I am too squeamish to touch my waterline with my oily finger] I just pump it once or twice into my hands, rub them together, and then rub the oil all over my face and eyes gently. Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, gel eye liner, and EVEN MASCARA dissolve in seconds. Then i just wet my hands and let the oil turn into milk as I rinse all the oil and makeup off. Then, VOILA!

Clean face.

Biore Perfect Cleansing Oil $15

Grade- :]+

I found this goodie at Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace. There's 2 more from their beauty ailse I want to try out: the Fancl Mild Cleanising Oil and the Softymo Cleansing Oil. More reviews to come!

Anew Clinical

These a couple items from their "Clinical line." Essentially all the items are supposed to mimic the effect of actual cosmetic procedures without of course getting cut up and poked with needles [violent imagery intended].

Here we have Thermafirm. This replaced my Clinique Zero Gravity Repair wear Lift only because... I ran out. I use this as a neck cream. Again, prevention, prevention prevention.

Double/triple chin? No thanks!

To support damaged tissue with new collagen
Uses triple sonic technology [combination of ultrasonic stressed yeast, natural extracts and hydrolyzed plant protiens] to tighten the connection between skin's layers

For me, I have found this a VERY moisturizing neck cream. I exfoliate reguarly especially on my neck and chest. One day I went a little overboard and damaged the skin on my neck. It became super dry and scaley *yikes.* Not even my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion worked, which is the most moisturizing face lotion I've used so far. But after using this cream for a couple nights all the dryness went away, leaving my skin supple and moist like before.

Also, it has a very nice subtle perfume scent unlike my Clinique lotions/creams. Although fragrance free is better for senstive skin and noses, sometimes I think they just stink. Chemical, plastic-y bleh scents aren't too friendly to the nose either!

Anew Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream $32

Grade :] +

And this here is the Anew Clinical Eye Lift which was brough to my attention because it is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner and CEW Insider's Choice Beauty Winner.

Lifts Brown Bone, Upper and Lower eye area
Uses Dimensional Lift Technology to tighten and lift upper eye and brow are
Uses Derma Refine Technology to lift under eye sagging
Reduces dark circles and creepiness X] (which means small lines on the under eye area)

Unfortunately, this product worked too well. I didn't notice any tightening with the upper eye gel. It just felt soothing and watery [in a good way]. After using the under eye cream my under eyes felt TIGHT!! I remember sitting on my bed going on the laptop thinking 'wow I can actually feel this stuff working'

Then when I proceeded to do my eye make up I noticed these brown dried patches on skin where I had previously applied the eye cream. To this day I have no clue what exactly happened but I am now very wary of tightening eye creams.

Grade- :[

Anew Rejuvenate

As an Avon rep, I've made it a point to try things out so when people come to me for recommendations I can made honest suggestions and offer better insight on the usage and benefits of certain items.

So far, I've been trying a lot of their skin care. Although this line is aimed for 30 somethings, I decided to give it try. The products from this line basically claim to refine pores, reduce fine lines, and smooth skin. None of which I particularly have a problem w/ but prevention is KEY :] right?

I've added the Night cream and Day serum to my routine. They both have a thick creamy consistency but a gel emoliency after you blend it into your skin. A little bit goes a long way. After using them for maybe a month now, I've noticed my skin definitely looks a lot brighter.

Because of my acne prone skin, I have a lot of scarring and redness. This has helped bring that glowy-ness back into my skin. They are both very hydrating and absorb quickly into the skin.

They go on sale pretty often. I got both of these for $38 but separately

Night Revitalizing Cream 1.7 fl oz $32
Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate 1 fl oz $48

Grade- :]

Monday, August 24, 2009

I <3 Bargain Shopping

A couple things I picked up from TJ Maxx

Essie NP Set for $8

Michael Kors Sunnies for $20

Hooray for bright colored nail polish.

Mini Review: Essie NP

-Easy smooth application
-Thick and even coverage [even for a np amateur like me]
-Very shiny
-Matching pigmentation in 1 coat!!

I must say I am VERY happy with this purchase. I ordered a few np online but after testing them out I feel a bit 'eh' about some colors. These however def bring my spirits up.

Now, if only I could wear bright manis to work...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is what I wore to church last Sunday.

*Note to self: must improve if wanna do artsy looking ootd photos or else cry in embarassment for not being cool enough

-F21 Black sweater dress w/ cowl neck
-F21 tan woven belt
-Worthington black leather oxford heels

"They used to call me anal girl"

I don't know why I don't watch more movies like this. How did JGL do GI Joe AND this?

I love JGL's reaction in this scene and the way Zooey Deschanel gives the line is beyond perfect.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gucci by Gucci

I don't know why. But there is just something about beautiful smelling perfume in beautiful bottles that makes me feel so damn.. beautiful?

Don't you agree?

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This was my outfit to church today. Very summer. I am quite proud of myself for putting together something so light, casual and fresh. I normally opt for some very structured and black and white. I don't think the picture really gives it the justice it deserves, I have yet to get the lighting right.How cool is that lace back?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stila Covertible Colors

I love cream blush.

I love bright colored blush.

I love Stila Convertible Colors.

L-R Petunia, Fuschia, Gerbera

The main idea is that these darlings are multipurpose solutions for beauty on the go. They come in a very cute handy compact with a mirror and can be used for your cheeks and lips.

I currently own 3 and LURVE them all. They are pigmented, easy to blend, come in very flattering colors and have a pretty good lasting power [est. 4 hours]

L-R Gerbera, Fuschia, Petunia

The first swatches show Stila's CC pigmentation. They look rich and glossy.

The second set of swatches has them blended out. I went a little over boart w/ Gerbera which is why it's so much dark than either colors. Oddly enough it's a really good example of how
how much you blend them out and pack them on affects the color pay off on your skin.

Gerbera is a light peach with pink undertones. It's really great paired with blue and green eye looks because of the neutral warmth it brings to your face.

Fuschia is a BRIGHT pink with puple undertones. I like to wear it w/ neutral eye looks because it really draws attention to my cheeks. It delivers that healthy glowy 'pick me up' to my face.

Petunia [Currently my FAV] is a bright juicy vibrant pink with red undertones. It's one of those colors that make you feel a little bit perky and energetic. Up close, the swatch is almost a pink red orange. On the cheeks it has enough of the warmth to look natural but still that strong pink to make your cheeks pop with perkiness.

Cream blush is always my go to product to brighten up my face. The right blush not only lifts up the face but brightens and opens up the eyes as well. Next on my lemming list, Stila CC in Lilium..

Why I like Forever 21..

I remember the very first thing I bought from Fovever 21. It was this blue sleeveless top with a plaid like design in some polyester blend material that I bought to wear for my 7th grade birthday at the movies [Time stoppers, or stop watchers or something of the sort]

And while I frankly will not be pulling it out of the closet anytime soon w/o something much cuter layered on top, I must say that I have found some very chic things in the sales rack of F21.

And yes, F21 is cheap, but seriously, I guess that means I am as cheap as they get, because 85% of what I buy from there is on the sales rack..

In my trip yesterday some notable things I found were a yellow laced back cardigan

and a powder blue little house on the prairie-esque dress [For the record, I would like to note my obsession w/ Laura Ingalls novels in the 4th grade]

They combine subtle details and interesting twists on conventional design. And to boot, they were about $15 each which is essentially a steal compared to the other things in the store for that price.

Seeing things like these really get me excited about fashion again. They renew my dreams on being a boutique owner and designer. Simplicity and subtlety are highly overlooked and under appreciated adjectives in the fashion industry. One of these days I would like to bring that sense of simple and beautiful back.

Until then, I'll still be perusing the clothes rack to find little treasures like these.

Let's a raise toast

to the end of seasonal employment. here here!

My stint at the call center is now over. And to celebrate I will be lazying it up on the beach to slowly kill the time before school starts up.

These beauties are from Victoria's Secret's [never ending] swim wear sale. "Never ending" because to be honest I placed about 3 orders... [so expect more swim wear toasts to come]


I presentRetro Floral

and Sailboats :]