Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alright, I have a problem..

Project: Save your $$$ has been a f a i l .This is what going to the mall for work or to drop off my sister does to a me. Oh TJMaxx, why must you always carry things that make me happy.


Korres Mini Body Butters
Handbag hanger
Michael Kors belt
Tommy Hilfiger Sweater [this was for work, so I don't think it counts right?]
Essie Nailpolishes in
--Guchi Muchi Puchi [pale pastel pink]
--Really Red [Again, for work X]
--Carousel Coral
Nailtek Foundation II and bonus Nailtek II

So in the middle of walking from my parking spot to Coach to Chick Fil-A and to TJMaxx, I also stopped by my fav little store Irene's Story. I LOVE the accessories from there.

Faux pearl necklace with fancy little painted brass flowers and crystals <3

On another note, I am so happy with these purchases. I LOVE Carousel Coral. It goes PERFECT with my skin tone and is the kind of color that just makes me happy when I look at it.

Tonight I am going to try out the handbag hanger. I remember seeing one of my mom's friends use it at the buffet. And I also remember thinking it was the most genius thing I've ever seen. don't you hate it when you are out somewhere eating and you don't know where to place your bag? Place it on the floor, risk getting food on it. Place it on the back of your seat, sit uncomfortably for the next hour or two as you get your eat on :/ Either way, not very good options. Hopefully this little gadget holds up to the 'heftiness' of my bag. Haha.

Reviews to come!


  1. Isn't that the necklace you wore to Katrina's debut? So cute!