Friday, July 3, 2009

Rimmel Sexy sexy afterall?

The Toots
-Khol Black
-up to 70% curlier lashes
-16 hour hold
-for "volumptuous volume" [ahah]

The Grade: B

It's alright..

I dislike plastic bristles because I find myself constantly poking myself in the eye. Moreso I feel like the design is unnecessary. Although it's not some big fatty mess [MAC Plushlash anyone?] that's practically the size of my small eyes it doesn't quite get into the lashes as well as I thought it would. Something more tapered and thin like Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara wand seems to be better for those 'lash challenged' individuals like myself.

At the core, it's a rich black mascara that does holds some curl adding some volume and length but ultimately not the 'volumptuous-ness' I was expecting. L'oreal Voluminous is still the best drugstore volume mascara even though it can make me look like a worn down hooker w/ raccoon eyes by the end of the day [NOT good]

Fav Mascara wand design still goes to my Lancome Courbe Virtuouse, which I *actually wash and reuse.

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