Friday, July 3, 2009


So I've officially come to the conclusion [but really I've felt this for a while] that working full time KILLS.

And not the way that Louboutins would KILL but I mean my spirits have been repeated KILLED. [overdramatic much eh?]

And today is an observed holiday and I feel FANfuckingTASTIC <3

List of things to do/done
1. Stay up late [kinda] on a Thursday CHECK
2. Watch Public Enemies for only $8 w/ the guys CHECK
3. Deliver my Avon stuffs b/c I am my own little business woman CHECK
4. Sleep in CHECK
5. Eat some sushi [b/c frankly taking leftovers from dinner to work everyday is getting quite old]
6. Go to the bank to deposit the CA$HMONEY
7. Go shopping <3
8. Long Beach Aquarium for 'Friday Late Night'
9. Play w/ some fireworks
10. Have some FUN FUN FUN

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