Saturday, July 11, 2009


Look what I found at 98 cents Marukai!!

Nope, it wasn't 98 cents. But neither are a lot of things there.

It's really "$1.69 Marukai & various items $20+" But I guess that's too long to fit on a sign.

I will now be able to put on my makeup without constantly ruffling through bags and picking up what I knock over on my dresser. Now all I need a brush holder contraption..

Some other interesting things I purchased:

1. The Mascara Guard
I have yet to see if this works, but for under $2 I must admit it's a funny little thing to have

2. Eyelashes!!!

I think I will come back to purchase these again. Wouldn't they look hot w/ some teeny tiny rhinestones on the ends?

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