Sunday, April 4, 2010

Earthquakes are Awkward

I always feel more awkward than I do terrified after an earthquake shakes up my town.

It could be because I have yet to experience a really horrible chairs-fall-on-ground-tvs-crash-onto floor type of earthquake *knocks on wood. I am not very sure how I would handle myself in that situation. Very poorly, I'd assume.

I remember when I had my temp job over the summer, there was a mild earthquake and the next day during the highly anticipated 'smoke break' everyone was talking about it. I had told my co worker that I immediately ran to my door way and stood there holding on making sure the door didn't slap me in the face. I went on about how I didn't even think twice before I leapt to the safety of the door and how in school, I felt like an expert being able to quickly get under my desk [b/c I'm so small] and manage to cover my spine and face while getting into a comfortable yet effective vital organ and precious face preserving position.

She then proceeded to tell me how that method is a complete sham and you're honest best bet is to run outside away from trees and powerlines.

So it got me thinking. If there was a terrible earthquake [or any circumstance that would require me to run the fack! outta my house] what that fack! would I bring with me?

I've always wanted to pack my own emergency duffle for you emergencies, but I've never got around to it NOR would I have any clue where to place it in my already overcrowded room.

Obviously, I'd run out with the important if you live in America kinda stuff:
SS Card
Car Keys
Health Insurance Card [If not already in your wallet]
Your piggie bank

But being the highly emotional but seemingly rational person I am, after stuffing all the above in my closest expensive handbag I'd also try and manage to stuff my pockets, bra, mouth, armpits or possible wrap in a blanket....[and so on] all this beloved crap


This shit is my expensive habit. All the other stuff: MAC, Stila, Drugstore, Clinique could crack on the floor, get burned to hell, or flood the fack! up for I care. NARS is like my make-up drug. No addict is leaving their home without their stash.

ALL my facking! $300+ HANDBAGS!!!!

I would literally take each one, stacked around my shoulders and neck and run outta the house like a mad fool. Albeit, I didn't pay $300 for any of them [good deals hollah]. There's true value in my babies. True value.

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But on a more serious note..

Lastly, the other thing I couldn't possibly leave without are all my journals and notebooks. I'm a nerd. But I love writing. About anything. I'm the kind of person who carries a small notebook everywhere containing odds and ends of the most insightful or most random things you'll ever read. If everything else I bring is my pride and vanity then I obviously can't forget my soul either.


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