Friday, February 12, 2010

Boobs are fantastic, even the plastic

So this morning I logged into my YouTube subscription page and watched pretty much the most important video I'll ever watch in my life...a video about boobs.

If you are a YT makeup/shopping vid junkie like me then you may have once stumbled upon Lorraine TheCurrentCustom on YT and instantly have thought "Damn, nice boobs."

In lieu of Valentine's day she's made a video about the best bras, how to highlight boobs, and most importantly how to correctly size up your boobs.

Now, I don't know how many times I've read the little diagrams and blurbs about how to find your bra size but I do know one thing. No matter how many times or which places I read it [from the Limited Too Dressing room to Cosmopolitan Mag] I never quite understood it. Thankfully, in this vid she does not only take you step by step but straight shows you on herself step by step, her 32D boobies and all.

Behold the magic

Now on a personal note. I've always had a love-hate relationship with my boobs. [But really dislike because frankly, who hates boobs?] I love that I have something even though it makes me wonder if the alphabet really does begin with A. Mostly, I dislike that they don't really bounce, or push up, or fill into the cleavage zone of my clothes, or cause traffic accidents...[ok ok, maybe just pedestrian collisions]

And while I know that bigger boobs carry with it saggyness, hurtful bouncifullness, and back pain, could a 36B really hurt me ? :P I am a dreamer but I am realistic. 5 feet and 100 so lbs do not a set of juicy Cs make, ya feel?

So here's to boobs, they are fantastic, even the plastic. Rock on!

*scuttles to find measuring tape for fun

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