Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fake Orgasm

I love NARS.Ever since I saw on the Sephora website that they had a blush named 'Orgasm' I knew that me and NARS would play very well together.

But lo and behold, I am a broke@ss trick with no dough for feed the makeup ho within.

Then one day, Lollipop26 on YT [classiest mu guru EVER] mentions how she loves Milani's Mineral blush in Luminous referring to it as the NARS Orgasm dupe. Naturally I hopped into my car and speeded to the my CVS to get my hands on one. But alas, I was met with failure until a very random trip to Target with a friend led to the wondrous discovery.

I literally hid it in the other blushes and drove back to get it after my friend and I parted ways.

Excited, I hopped into my car, peeled open that thick difficult plastic wrapping and stick my needy little finger in to swatch it. BUT, I didn't see anything.

"where's the blush color?"

Eventually I found a way to use it but frankly smooshing my brush into the pan several times to get good color payoff and then having way too much gold frost on
my cheeks never quite tickled my fancy. Off to the back of the make up drawer it went.

Then a few weeks ago I got the legit business that is NARS Orgasm [Laguna duo :P, better deal right?] And tell you the truth, it rocks my socks just the way I thought.

"yeah baby!"

But on the real, they actually come out quite different from each other from the get go.

Orgasm on the right is a dark peach pink with subtle gold shimmer and dust sparkling through it while Luminous [on the left] is a lighter peach with light gold frost all throughout. Like they say about eyebrows, these blushes are more like sisters than twins, maybe even cousins...

In conclusion I would rather have a cheek orgasm than luminous cheeks any given day. But to give Milani some credit, I think it would work out better if you have a lighter skin tone and want the frosty highighted cheeks. As for me, I'd prefer more pigment, less frost any given day [2nd time = emphasis]

Yep, I'm a little blush crazy... *sigh

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