Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Avon Lipstick Army

L-R: Poppy Love, Red 2000, Sheer Peach, Sheer Naturale

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks are quite good. They come in a range of satins, metallics, shimmers, and sheers. In my collection I have 2 satins and 2 sheers.

L-R: Sheer Naturale, Sheer Peach, Red 2000, Poppy Love

They all have a creamy consistency and mild scent. My sheers smell like slightly like vanilla while my satins smell slightly fruity. Best of all, they apply smoothly and evenly. So essentially they are solid legit lipsticks. Woot!

In the swatches above the sheers were swiped 2-3 times while the satins swiped once.

At full price they are 6.50 a pop but you can normally find them on sales BOGO 50% or something like that.

Grade: :]

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