Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a New Year


How wierd is it to write 1/4/10? Wierd as hell. Doesn't seem right.

But anyway, I am not much of a 'new year's resolution' person. Mostly because I never feel all 'new' at the start of the new year. Just another day after a day after another day, right?

To me, it's like having a birthday.

Someone: "So how does it feel to be [insert old fucking age here]??"

Me: "The same [looks at person as if they were asking trick question]."

You feel me?

But for the hell of it, I think I should really get on this making new resolutions wagon. I wanna put on a petticoat, tie on my little cream bonnet tight and leap on that bandwagon...

Because frankly, as stupid as I thought they were [blame teenage angst for thinking everything was stupid?] they are actually not that bad. Goals are great. As a visual person I like to have or do something visual and tangible to accomplish or understand or do anything. I draw pictures, make collages, write lists, dog ear pages and so on. Thus, I've decided if I really want to get anything done I need to see it. Whether on this blog or on hastily scribbled posters scotch-taped to my walls, what the hell I wanna do with this 2010 year.

*Not in any particular order

1. Eat fruit at least once a day
2. Do something with my hair daily
3. Save some damn money
4. Exercise for at least 20 mins daily
5. Drive somewhere really far
6. Dress special everyday
7. Start on school assignments early
8. Meet tons of new people
9. Be successful at some sort of side business
10. Do what makes me happy

I end this entry by saying here's to the new year. Now get off your ASS.


  1. Oy, I had a short resolution once to try and dress up everyday for one week.
    ...those 8am classes sure did kill that resolution.

    But I'm sure you can do it! :] Just steer clear from those early classes!
    I'm trying to save money too! But more like cutting of cheap goods and saving up for $$$ ones. :D

  2. HAHA!!
    In reply to your comment on my post, i don't know how good my skills are, but i'm down to do some photog. work!
    just means i gotta brush up on my skills. >__<